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Welcome To Larry's African Greys

We are Specialize In Hand Raised Parrots

Larry's African Greys is a family operated home business which grows baby parrots with friendly atmosphere experience. We are specialized in African Greys which are hand raised and nurtured with love. We allowed our babies to fully-fledged and make them well-socialized with other birds and humans.

All our birds are DNA tested, Vetted, and trained to set up, talk and play with kids, and also friendly with other birds and pets. They are quickly bond with a bird lover person.

Browse our available parrots to see what perfect companion is ready for you and your family!


Shipping and Delivery

We ship and home delivery across the United States. The parrots will be deliver via Airline approved Pet Carrier (with food & water) and always in a maintained temperature and pressure-controlled environment.

Friendly Service

We have a smooth and friendly service process. Contact us today, and we will take you through the successful process of bringing your new parrot(s) into your home. Our service is the best in class, we are always available and happy to serve you better as per your needs.

Health Guarantee

Our African Grey Parrots are well grown under the appropriate health measures. We offer a guarantee for hereditary defects. Before parrots are leaving for their new homes we do proper health check-ups. All our parrots are tested, vaccinated, and treated to prevent parasites.

Available Parrots

Pet Adoption

Name: Angel

Gender: Female

Age: 11 Months

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Pet Grooming

Name: Charlie

Gender: Male

Age: 11 Months

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Pet Daycare

Name: Chipper

Gender: Male

Age: 11 Months

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Dog Training

Name: Floof

Gender: Male

Age: 3 Months

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Thanks so much, kiki is the BEST companion for my kids. She is wonderful and it's exceptional to see how quickly she bonded with my kids. She is cute, brilliant, and adorable. Thanks again, keep up the Great Work! - Mark - California -
Thanks for being helpful and guide me for the purchasing process for Max. He is smart and we enjoy every bit of seconds spent with him. You did a great job to raise him so perfectly. He is a perfect friend to my son. I will recommend your birds. Thumbs Up! - Larry - Los Angeles -
Thanks for such awesome shipping and service. We got our bird (Susy) this evening and as we expected he is the best companion for our little girl. She is so adorable and very active. We do appreciate everything. The process of yours was so simple and fast! Thanks for bringing a smile to our family. - Susan - Ohio -

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